2010 Hull Split time…

I feel that the majority of topics regarding hull split have been discussed in prior entries, so I thought I would briefly make a few points of considerations for 2010:

1). Navel Orange Worm (NOW)/ Peach Twig Borer (PTB): Both insects cause damage to almonds, often NOW damage hiding PTB damage. Both insects are susceptible to the same insecticides. The 2010 treatment window for the 2nd flight of PTB will be overlapping with hullsplit. This is good because we can make one spray for NOW and PTB. This is bad because in years were the 2nd PTB flight occurred during hullsplit, worm damage was higher.  If no PTB treatments have been made and no NOW/PTB treatments are scheduled, I would plan to make one within the coming week. Reduced risk products or pyrethroids will provide control for both worms. Related topics previously covered: Peach Twig Borer, Navel orange worm, and hull split insect management.

2). Apply pesticides slowly – do not exceed 2 MPH with spray rigs.

3). Hull rot: Hopefully nitrogen applications have ended. Plan to reduce water to 80% ET for the coming two weeks. By the last week of July, first week of august, resume full ET. This will help reduce hull rot. Please see the previous article on hull rot.

4). Mites: Haven’t been much of a problem this year, but keep in mind that the use of a pyrethroid at hullsplit will most likely cause a mite flare up by harvest. A miticide should also be applied at hullsplit if a pyrethroid is used. There are a few products available that can knock down high populations of spider mites should a flair up occur. It is critical that these products are applied before webbing appears.

5). Harvest: Hullsplit appears to be a week later this year, suggesting that harvest will be at least a week late as well. Keep trees well watered through August so that stress is minimized when the harvest dry down occurs. Harvesting one week later also means a shortened post harvest period, reducing the time to perform post-harvest tasks.

Hope this helps!

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