Cold Weather Expected

A cold front is moving into the area this coming week. Even though many areas are still at 5% or less of almond bloom, I thought providing some background information on frost protection and mitigating strategies may be useful if trees are more advanced within your area.

Presentation on frost protection from Dr. Richard Snyder, UC Davis. This was the talk that Dr. Snyder presented at the NSJV Almond Day. There are some powerpoint presentations with audio on slide three that provide further information on this topic.

Critical temperatures for freeze damage in almond. This is the table from The Almond Production Manual that provides range of temperatures and expected damage for varying stages of the nut crop.

Previous Almond Doctor entries on frost damage and prevention:

Orchard tasks to help reduce frost damage in almond. Covers the basics in orchard practices that may reduce frost damage.

More information regarding frost damage in almonds. Covers irrigation rates and other questions/answers.


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