New video for managing almond pests using the year-round IPM program

Not sure what you should be doing to manage pests for the upcoming season?  Check out the year-round IPM program for almonds on the UC IPM web site. Need help using it?  UC IPM has just published an online video to help you manage almond pests using the year-round program.

How to Manage Almond Pests Using the Year-Round IPM Program is a narrated how–to guide written for growers, PCAs, and others who work in almonds, showing what needs to be done throughout the season to stay on top of pest problems.

Going back and forth between the year-round IPM program and Pest Management Guidelines, the video gives an excellent look at how these two resources are used together to manage key almond pests such as navel orangeworm, peach twig borer, and shot hole.  The video takes you deeper into the Guidelines with tips on taking dormant spur samples, monitoring for shoot strikes, and looking for predators and parasites of key pests.  Also included are instructions on using treatment tables to choose pesticides that are effective while examining effects on honey bees, natural enemies, and the environment.

The video is broken into six chapters so you can easily view the section of the year-round program that you need help navigating.

You can find the online video on the Year-Round IPM Program for Almonds page at  For more information about other year-round programs available or for a more general video tour, see

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