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About David Doll

David Doll is a University of California Cooperative Extension nut crop pomology farm advisor for Merced County.

Is Winter Irrigation Needed?

The reduced late fall rains have led to relatively dry conditions throughout the State. Within the San Joaquin Valley, limited amounts of rain have fallen, with recorded precipitation around one inch in Merced. The lack of rain has led to a series of questions about winter irrigation requirements in which answers are included. Question (Q). […]

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Observations form a Trip Down Under – The Australian Almond Industry

During the first two weeks of November, I was able to attend the once-every-four-years International Research Congress on Pistachios and Almonds. This meeting was held in Adelaide, Australia in which almond and pistachio researchers (as well as some growers) attended to discuss recent research within these crops. Prior to the conference, I toured some orchard […]

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Almond Kernel Defects

It has been a challenging year in regards to kernel quality within almonds. Several issues have emerged including insects, diseases, and deficiencies. Samples of each of these have been brought to the office for identification. In doing so, I thought it would a good idea to share what we have found with the accompanying figure. […]

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Almond Postharvest Management: Nitrogen Considerations

Written by David Doll (UCCE Merced) and Franz Niederholzer (UCCE Yuba-Sutter-Colusa) Applications of nitrogen in the postharvest period have been promoted as a good farming practice.* Trees utilize nitrogen at this time to rebuild nitrogen stores and provide nutrients for bud development. Research from the Kern County nitrogen trials found that trees can absorb approximately […]

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