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About David Doll

David Doll is a University of California Cooperative Extension nut crop pomology farm advisor for Merced County.

Postharvest is a Good Time for Boron Foliar Sprays

Boron is a critical micronutrient for fruit set.  Work has shown that yield can be reduced when boron hull concentrations fall below 80 ppm. In order to determine deficiency, a hull analysis should be taken to determine tree boron status. Leaf tissue levels are not consistent in providing boron status. Applications of boron should occur to the ground if […]

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Stockpiling Almonds During Harvest

With the increase in almond plantings over the past few years, processing delays will become more common. While waiting to be processed, almonds are usually stockpiled. Stockpiling has a number of advantages,  including getting the almonds out of the orchard sooner to allow the ability to perform  post-harvest practices, reduce in-field insect infestations, and allowing greater […]

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