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About David Doll

David Doll is a University of California Cooperative Extension nut crop pomology farm advisor for Merced County.

Small Drones and Monitoring Orchards: Project Update and Field Day

Aerial imaging can provide real-time information to growers regarding water usage and crop health. Within agriculture, these tools provide a valuable service for identifying problematic areas within fields, thereby increasing efficiencies for both small and large scale producers. Currently, most aerial imaging is conducted by flights with mid-elevation aircraft or satellites. These flights and corresponding […]

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Walnut Pruning Trial – Update and Field Day

A study evaluating central leader training, minimal pruning of walnuts in comparison to traditionally trained walnuts has been ongoing within Merced County for the past six years. Over this period, the unheaded, minimally pruned ‘Chandler’ trees have cumulatively out-yielded the headed, or traditionally pruned, walnuts by an estimated 1500 lbs/acre over the first four harvests […]

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Alternaria leaf spot of almond

The late rains we are receiving will increase the risk of Alternaria. This pathogen (Alternaria alternata) requires warm temperatures and leaf wetness to infect almond trees. A few weeks after infection, small circular lesions form, eventually increasing to the diameter of 1/2-3/4.” Occasionally, there is a yellow halo. Older lesions often develop a black ring of […]

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