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Brent Holtz is a University of California Cooperative Extension pomology farm advisor for San Joaquin County.

Perennial Canker of Almond

Written by Brent Holtz, UCCE San Joaquin County Symptoms of perennial canker of almond. Photo by F. Niederholzer. Perennial Phytophthora Canker has killed many almond trees. Two plant pathogenic fungi, Phytophthora cactorum and Phytophthora citricola are primarily responsible. This disease is lethal, perennial, and is not associated with pruning wounds which differentiates it from “Pruning […]

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Plant New Trees High!

Written by Brent Holtz, UCCE San Joaquin CountyOne of the worst things that can happen to young trees from nurseries is that they are planted to deep. Sometimes  they are initially planted at the right height, but then a berm is thrown up around the trees and their crown (the graft union between the scion […]

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Proper Almond Tree Planting

When planting a new orchard, precautions should be taken to prevent tree loss. Care should be taken to reduce direct damage to the trees. Trees should be planted as soon as possible once received from the nursery. Always cover bare roots with a tarp when transporting trees on back of a trailer, making sure to […]

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