Irrigation Management

Posts related to irrigation management within almond production:

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2 thoughts on “Irrigation Management

    1. Rick,
      Are you referring to soil sensors or plan based measurements? If soil based, it will depend on soil type. Some general guidelines, 0 – 10 centibars indicates saturated soils, 10-20 centibars usually means it is adequately wet, 30 centibars it is time to irrigate for sandy soil, 30-60 centibars is the usual time to irrigate – with the exception of heavy clays, and 60-100 centibars for heavy clays.

      Plant stress and the soil should be checked to help calibrate the system as it will vary based on soil type in your orchard.

      If using the pressure chamber, newly planted trees should be kept within 2 bars of baseline (1/10th of temperature).

      Hope that helps,

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